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Daniel Castillo triumphs with his group Chimbangle Latin Band





The young Venezuelan Daniel Castillo triumphs in the world of music. He is a singer and event producer. He was born in Barcelona, ​​Venezuela, but emigrated to promote Latin music and culture in countries where language sometimes becomes a barrier. However, with his group Chimbangle Latin Band, they have managed to break down those paradigms and make everyone dance and enjoy themselves. Colorado.

This year, the artist will be launching a new production entitled “Dime what you want”, recorded and produced at the “Producciones KI Records” and “Consonance Studio” studios in the city of Denver, but with a final edition that is also being worked on. in his native country.

Daniel, in addition to his love and passion for music, something he has been working on since he was very young; He is also an entrepreneur and already has an impeccable reputation as a producer and organizer of events with his company Sky Blue Productions LLC, a job that is focused on the music industry, because his goal is always to uphold the traditions of countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru. , of course Venezuela and many more.

Castillo began to participate in youth and university festivals from a very young age. His professional career formally began in 2001 when he joined the ranks of important Venezuelan groups such as Calle Ciega and Misión Secreta, however it was in 2004 that he participated in a renowned vocal talent program called “Fama, sudor y lágrimas”, broadcast by the RCTV channel and where it became known in every corner of the country.

Talented and charismatic, this is how the artist has always been classified. For all that describes him, he earned two important recognitions: one from the Colorado state government and another from the Papagayo Organization, which are part of the state’s Hispanic representation.



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