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Yes, You Should Be Doing More Product Bundling

As business owners, we’re always seeking ways to increase revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction. One effective strategy that often goes overlooked is product bundling. By combining compatible or complementary products together and offering them at a discounted price, you can create an incentive for customers to purchase more from your store. But how do you create compelling product bundles that align with customer purchasing motivations and psychological principles? This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about unleashing the power of product bundling for ecommerce success.

Product Bundling Definition and Concept

Product bundling refers to the practice of offering related products together as a package deal. This strategy leverages the principle of perceived value – customers will often perceive a bundled deal as being more valuable and cost-effective than purchasing each product separately. For example, bundling a camera with a camera bag and memory card creates a bundle that appeals to customers who are looking to start photography as a new hobby, while simultaneously creating a better value proposition than purchasing the items separately.

Real-World Examples of Successful Product Bundling Strategies

There are numerous successful bundling strategies, and Amazon has been one of the companies to maximize this concept. As an ecommerce leader, Amazon offers countless product bundles, from electronic gadgets to food disposables. Another example is McDonald’s Happy Meal, which is a bundle of different options. The fast food company provides a choice of main course, side dish and drinks for a bundled price, mums who shop at McDonald’s often opt for this solution to eliminate the complexity of deciding on multiple items for their kids. IKEA is another company that utilizes product bundle promotion through kits, which include household furnish items such as bed frames, sheets, and pillows.

Benefits of Product Bundling for Increased Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

One of the primary benefits of product bundling is increased revenue. By bundling products, companies can increase their average order value and cross-sell additional products to customers. Bundling also creates opportunities to attract customers who might not otherwise have considered purchasing the bundled items.

Another significant benefit of bundling is that it helps improve customer satisfaction. Customers may feel that they are getting a better deal by purchasing a bundle, and they may also appreciate that the bundled items were pre-selected for them. Many customers also prefer to purchase bundles instead of individual items because it saves them time and effort.

The Psychology Behind Effective Product Bundling Strategies

Effective bundling strategies must take into account consumer behavior and decision-making psychology. One of the key psychological principles that product bundling leverages is the Anchoring Effect. This principle states that customers tend to assign more value to a bundle if they perceive the bundle as being less expensive compared to the cost of purchasing each item individually.

Another psychological principle is scarcity. People tend to assign higher value to things that are scarce or limited. Bundles may leverage the scarcity principle by offering time-limited or limited quantity bundle deals–these kinds of promotions often drive customers to act quickly to take advantage of the deal.

Crafting Compelling Product Bundles

Creating good product bundles involves selecting the right products, pricing the bundle, and marketing it effectively. Generally, compatible and complementary products are selected for bundling, that is, items that serve a similar purpose. Bundles are priced competitively, with bundles priced just a bit more than the price of the main item.

Package Bundling is a personalization practice that aligns with customers’ purchasing motivations. Package Bundling can include several items and can be quite elaborate, in line with the particular interests of a customer segment or type. What’s more, Buyers should try to craft compelling bundle names and descriptions, which will help to make the bundle more enticing to customers.

Implementing Different Types of Product Bundling Strategies

There are various product bundling strategies, with four common types of bundling: package blending, suggested bundling, cross-category bundling, and volume bundling. Regardless of the chosen bundling strategy, it is important to do market research to know what customers want.

Marketing and Promoting Product Bundles

Marketing a product bundle involves promoting it through the different marketing channels. Product bundles can be showcased on your ecommerce website, or especially well in paid ecommerce email marketing services and social media campaigns. It is a good practice to leverage upsell and cross-sell opportunities during checkout. Evaluating and analyzing the performance of your product bundling campaigns is important to track success.


Product bundling can increase ecommerce revenues while also increasing customer satisfaction. Successful product bundling requires understanding customer behavior and psychological principles. Crafting an effective bundle involves identifying compatible products and creating compelling visuals, names, and descriptions. By utilizing the various bundling strategies outlined in this guide, ecommerce businesses can create an effective bundling campaign that will boost revenue and create a better customer experience.

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