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WhatIF Foods Expands to Over 400 stores nationwide

WhatIF Foods further expands its reach, making itself available in over 400 stores nationwide

NEW YORK, New York, May 31, 2023  — Consumers looking for a Better Better milk alternative in the market are in for a treat in the following weeks. Leader in regenerative business and agriculture, WhatIF Foods, is making itself available to far more consumers across the country. Apart from the 200+ retails across the state of New York, it’s further expanding its reach in the Northeast, Midwest, Southern Pacific, and Pacific Northwest as well as numerous regional retailers. In total, WhatIF Foods revolutionary BAMnut Milk and Noodles will be available in over 300 retailers, giving many more Americans the opportunity to become a part of the regeneration movement that WhatIF Foods strives for.

WhatIF Foods poses a simple yet profound question: what if there’s A Better Better? The food and beverage brand urges both consumers and businesses to reevaluate sustainability in order to find a Better Better way to do good business for the people and the planet. What makes it all possible for WhatIF Foods to do this is an unassuming, yet very hardy and nutritious crop, the Bambara Groundnut, or what the brand fondly calls the BAMnut.

The brand has even gained the favor of some unexpected groups. Zombies, aliens and even dinosaurs have expressed great appreciation for the work that WhatIF Foods has done! After all, zombies will love munching on brains and humans filled and fortified with vitamins and minerals for BAMnut Milk; alien colonists will benefit more from a planet with healthy soils and waters and dinosaurs will surely love WhatIF Foods’ carbon-negative footprint since in the end, the planet will be fine, it’s the humans who will screwed.

Many more people across the nation can partake in the Better Better products that WhatIF Foods has to offer. The brand’s BAMnut milk delivers far more nutrients compared to other plant-based milk products and only consists of 3 simple ingredients (Bambara groundnut, coconut oil, and water). While their BAMnut noodles are an astoundingly healthy alternative to traditional instant noodles.

People will be able to find WhatIF Foods products in the following retail locations and become a part of the movement to create a Better Better for both the world and its people.

Northeast Retailers

– DiCicco’s & Son’s – x8 stores, New York

– Gourmet Garage – x4 stores, New York City

– Fairway Market – x4 stores, New York City

– Total Stores in NYC/Brooklyn, Queens – x200 stores

Midwest Retailers

– Pete’s Fresh Market – x8 stores, Chicago

Southern Pacific Retailers

– Good Earth – x6 stores, Salt Lake City

– Lassens – 11x stores, Los Angeles

Pacific Northwest  Retailers

– PCC – x16 stores, Seattle

Independent retailers

– 60+ small, regional stores across the country

Answer WhatIF Foods’ call, and be part of the movement for A Better Better by visiting one of their new retail locations, and pick up some BAMnut Milk and BAMnut Noodles from this innovative and forward-thinking brand.

About WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is a planet-based food company focused on earth-friendly, people-friendly ways to create healthy meals. WhatIF Foods is going beyond and creating “A BETTER BETTER.” A never-ending quest to push beyond sustainability and reimagine how we get our food. Their regenerative practices mean food that’s better for our bodies, our soils, our planet and farming communities. Their BAMnut Milk is not only creamy and delicious but is made with just 3 natural ingredients. WhatIF’s noodles contain 17g of protein and are available in 4 delicious flavors; all made with the regenerative Bambara groundnut, a legume that naturally replenishes our bodies and our planet. 

To learn more about WhatIF Foods: Explore at and follow @whatiffoods on IG and TikTok.

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