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Wellness Extravaganza: Discover Fully Healthy’s Discounts on Specialty Health Products!

Elevate Your Health This Holiday: Save 20% on Unique Wellness Essentials, From Gourmet AIP Treats to Paleo Delights – Only at Fully Healthy!

WHO: Fully Healthy goes beyond providing products; it creates a community that supports individual wellness journeys. The commitment to supporting small brands, coupled with an expanded selection, ensures that customers have a one-stop destination for their unique dietary needs. Fully Healthy is on a mission to be more than just an online marketplace. They strive to be a supportive hub for small brands that share a mission of supporting unique diets. 

WHAT: Embrace wellness with Fully Healthy’s exclusive Black Friday Cyber Monday offer. Use the code BCFM20 to enjoy a generous 20% sitewide discount on an extensive range of health-conscious products. Explore AIP-compliant delicacies, paleo-friendly treats, and an array of hard-to-find specialty items. From delectable chocolates to premium teas, coffees, and personal care products, the discount is applicable across the entire selection.

WHEN: The promotion is active from November 20 to November 28 at midnight.

WHERE: Visit Fully Healthy’s official store to elevate your well-being by exploring and enjoying a diverse selection of health-conscious products with an exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal.

WHY: This promotion not only allows customers to save on their favorite wellness products but also supports Fully Healthy’s commitment to fostering an environment that supports innovative small brands. By participating, customers contribute to the growth and success of businesses dedicated to unique dietary needs. Seize this chance to stock up on quality products that prioritize health and wellness.


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Media Contact:
Heather DeSantis Holmes

Founder and CEO of Publicity For Good

1+ 828-332-5307

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