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Victoria Nieto: Master of Floral Decoration

Victoria Nieto’s experience and talent in the art of floral decoration make her a true master in her field. Over the years, she has accumulated extensive training and an impressive track record that sets her apart as a renowned floral designer.

Victoria has perfected her art through various courses and specialized preparation. From “Floral Art” to “Design and Creation of Floral Compositions”, she has constantly sought to improve her technique and expand her knowledge in the world of floristry.

Her work experience speaks for itself. She has been the floral decorator for countless weddings and events at churches, businesses and private events. From La Boyera Church to events run by Cokolatte Eventos C.A., her floral touch has embellished numerous celebrations over the years.

In addition to her work as a decorator, Victoria has also shared her knowledge as an instructor of Floral Designs at the Baruta Mayor’s House of Culture. Her passion for teaching and passing on her skills has led her to be recognized as an influential figure in the world of floral decoration.

Her participation in large-scale events, such as “Señorita In Boga Venezuela” and “Mini Carabobo”, demonstrates her ability to stand out in demanding settings and her ability to adapt her art to different contexts and styles.

Victoria Nieto is not only an exceptional floral decorator, but also a source of inspiration for those who aspire to follow in her footsteps in the exciting world of floristry. Her dedication, talent and experience continue to be examples of excellence in the floral industry.

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