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Total success conference given by Yolanda Sapiain for immigration professionals



The prominent Venezuelan jurist Yolanda Sapiain Gutiérrez, author of the acclaimed “Manual of Immigration Forms”, held an unforgettable educational conference aimed at professionals in the area of immigration. It was attended by an assistant, lawyers, paralegals and various professionals and facilitators from the immigration area nationwide in the United States.
It was a successful presentation where the prominent jurist showed the scope and effective productivity of the tools that she devised to facilitate immigration processes.
The moment was propitious to show its “Manual of Immigration Forms”, a detailed guide on the main forms of immigration from the USCIS, which has quickly become the reference resource for thousands of people seeking to navigate the complex immigration system of the USA.
The event attracted more than 150 people, from immigrants seeking guidance to attorneys specializing in immigration law. During the event, Yolanda Sapiain shared her deep knowledge and experience with attendees, providing practical advice and answering questions about the process of filing applications with USCIS.

At the end of the event, an extensive and successful autograph signing was appropriate, and attendees took away the successful manual with the signature of its author and exponent of the workshop. This workshop served as a platform to discuss legal strategies, share experiences, and address common challenges faced by those seeking to settle in the United States.

The event was a testament to the positive impact that Yolanda Sapiain’s work is having on the immigrant community. Her dedication to providing guidance and support to those seeking a better life in the United States is truly inspiring and commendable. Her legacy will live on as a beacon of hope and guidance for generations of immigrants and legal professionals to come.

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