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Todd Snively Reflects on 40 Years as an Entrepreneur

Today we’d like to introduce you to Todd Snively.

It’s an honor to highlight your success on our platform. Do you mind telling us about the things you’ve been able to accomplish?

I am coming up on 40 years as an entrepreneur! Hard to believe, but true. I look back at all the successes, and even the one failure, and think about what a journey it’s been. Over $100 million earned over that time and still going. I’ve won numerous awards for the sales we’ve documented on various platforms, such as the Clickfunnels Two Comma Award and the Kajabi Million Dollar Seller (15 times over, lol). I’ve written close to 60 online training programs for Expert University™, and the one thing most of them share in common is the theme of making money online. We’ve been an Eight Figure Amazon seller for over a decade, with no end in site. I’ve set one E-commerce record after the other by selling not only on the marketplaces, but on my own web stores. There are so many ways to make legitimate, long term online incomes, and I’ve dedicated myself to mastering most of them. For the last six years I’ve been mentoring, coaching and training others to do the same. I’ve helped over 6,000 others achieve the same type of time freedom/success that I’ve enjoyed for so long and so I am thinking it just might be time to retire in about two years. I have homes around the world that I am anxious to visit and enjoy, plus, I’ll be able to continue working only should I choose to.

Tell us about some of the memories you’ve made on your journey!

One of my proudest is when I earned the distinction of giving the single largest charitable donation to an African water charity, in it’s entire history. It’s our corporate mission to be able to provide clean water to all the families of Africa, and I truly believe this is a goal that can still be accomplished in my lifetime. I’ve had the privilege of doing charity work with some of the biggest names in show business and served on the Board of Directors for one of the larger “Make a Wish” type foundations. One of the more innovative businesses I had was actually a 900 number marketing company. For most people, 900 number connote pretty girls blowing into your ear over the phone for $5.00 a minute. Our programs were all based around information, specifically, product information. We were the first company to develop 900 number programs that gave you product information over the phone, and then for the cost of that call, we’d send you the product for “free”. You paid for the information, the product was free. No one had ever done that before and it was a great ride until deregulation made national 900 number campaigns very difficult because of all the new billing companies.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

I talk to a lot of people that want to make a change in their life. Change jobs, careers, or just make more money. What holds most folks back is fear. If it’s not fear, it’s self-created, imaginary stumbling blocks people place in front of them. I’ve had to overcome some very serious handicaps and setbacks over the years. I am not one to listen to excuses, much less accept them as valid reasons to not achieve a goal. To those of you who are afraid to take concrete steps towards achieving your goals, I challenge you to do whatever is necessary to get out of your own way to begin working toward those goals you’ve sabotaged yourself from achieving. Imagine that you’re standing right in front of me, telling me reason after reason why you can’t work towards one of your goals, and imagine me, after each excuse simply saying, “I don’t care, work harder”. Finally realize that no matter how much you think someone else cares about your success, no one is ever going to care more, than you.

Finally, how can people connect with you and learn more about what you do?

I can be reached at my personal website or our corporate site, For those that would like access to our acclaimed Amazon training program, please go to

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