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The Inspiration Behind Lauren Bateman’s Success

Lauren Bateman

Born and raised in Medford, Massachusetts, musician and YouTuber Lauren Bateman works full-time in music. Lauren is the founder and CEO of Full-Time Tubers, a website that teaches company owners how to use YouTube to expand and develop their brands. Full Time-Tubers assists in spreading knowledge about the specifics of what YouTube prefers and disfavors, as well as some of the most crucial items to focus on when beginning.

She decided to leave her work at the age of 27 in order to pursue a career in music. She began giving guitar and voice lessons out of a spare bedroom in her apartment while pursuing a career in music. She had to find a means to make money because her music gig didn’t pay as well. After some time, she was able to amass a large student base and began to earn more money from teaching than from selling CDs or getting performances.

Lauren made the decision to go all-in on her teaching career at that moment and began hiring other teachers to take on the extra pupils she couldn’t fit into her schedule. Lauren started her first physical music school location in 2012. Later on, in 2016, she opened her second site. At the end of 2019, she opened her third store.

Lauren’s mother plays a huge part in the inspiration behind her drive for success. She recalls watching her single mother having to take on many different jobs in order to provide for her family. Lauren credits her mother for her extreme work ethic. She credits her financial savviness to her grandfather, who owned a raincoat factory and was a prime example of staying frugal. Her grandfather grew up in southern Italy during the Great Depression and learned quickly not to spend money on things he didn’t necessarily need.

Lauren’s advice to any young entrepreneur would be to try things and never be afraid to fail. In her early 20s, Lauren started two businesses that would later fail. However, these experiences never motivated her to give up. It only meant she hadn’t found the right vehicle yet. Lauren preaches to “Try and fail at as many things as possible.” She is a strong believer that the faster you fail, the faster you will find what you truly love and can excel. You can keep up with everything about Lauren Bateman by following her on Instagram, and make sure to check out her website and business opportunities here.

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