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Steering Innovation: Michael Dooley’s Remarkable Impact on Automotive Marketing

When Michael Dooley was merely 19, he immersed himself in the auto industry. His ambition and skills saw him rise swiftly through the ranks, securing a dealership management role in his mid-20s. However, he quickly realized that excelling in sales was just a part of the equation; to create sustainable income, he needed to develop a reliable customer base. This insight propelled him towards the world of marketing and brand creation, leading to a transformative impact on automotive marketing as we know it.

Fuelled by an inherent thirst for knowledge and a competitive spirit, Dooley pursued his newfound interest in marketing. His breakthrough moment emerged when he started a luxury car dealership. Here, he began documenting his everyday experiences, triumphs, and challenges on social media. His honest and engaging content soon resonated with audiences, gaining significant traction, and he found himself fielding advice requests from other dealerships.

Before he knew it, Dooley was the CEO of his own business, leveraging his personal brand and experience to fill a unique niche in the auto industry. This unexpected journey positioned Dooley as a recognized figure in automotive lead generation and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector.

His brainchild, Pinnacle Online Marketing, has since broadened its client base, spanning nine countries. Despite this global outreach, Dooley stresses the importance of adhering to one’s unique journey and avoiding the pitfall of comparison. He believes that true success stems from setting and accomplishing personal goals that align with one’s inner ‘why’.

Dooley’s professional journey has had its fair share of challenges. His transition away from dealership coincided with Australia’s trying times, marked by bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic. But, in the face of adversity, Dooley chose growth, shifting his focus from a local to a global client base.

The secret behind Pinnacle’s meteoric growth, however, doesn’t lie in chasing the most prominent clients. Instead, it’s about providing valuable solutions to each customer and fostering meaningful relationships. Dooley’s commitment to authenticity, reflected in his personal and professional life, builds trust and paves the way for robust client relationships.

Despite the rigors of managing a prosperous business, Dooley never compromises on work-life balance. He reserves Sundays for his family, with these cherished moments recharging him for his workweek. Moreover, he has cultivated a stellar team at Pinnacle, allowing him to concentrate on strategic planning and business expansion.

As for the future, Dooley envisions Pinnacle as a comprehensive solution for clients. He aims to continue augmenting their services and software offerings. Acting as an outsourced CMO for various clients, he offers fresh insights and global expertise to bolster companies’ marketing and sales strategies.

Dooley’s wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: “Be genuine and understand your deeper purpose. Make a plan, set small, actionable goals, and follow through.”

As Michael Dooley continues to reshape his business and empower his clients, his influence on the automotive marketing industry remains steadfast.

To learn more about Pinnacle Online Marketing, visit or to delve deeper into their story, go to

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