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Skilzar’s Vision: Yessiey Magazine Unveils Affordable PR Support for Creatives


By Tom Samuel

In a groundbreaking move that merges the worlds of artistry and entrepreneurship, Oluwaseun Olaegbe, known as Skilzar, has introduced Yessiey Magazine, a visionary platform designed to uplift emerging talents. Hailing from Lagos, Skilzar has emerged not only as a captivating singer and songwriter but also as a tech-savvy entrepreneur, cementing his influence across Nigeria’s creative and business domains.

Drawing from his personal journey as a musician and tech enthusiast, Skilzar recognized the financial barriers hindering fellow creatives from accessing top-notch PR services. To combat this challenge, he brought to life the YessieyMagazine Platform, which provides premium PR support at incredibly reasonable rates. What’s more, depending on the specific niche of the artist or small business owner, this support is occasionally offered for free. Skilzar’s altruistic vision shines through as he aims to enhance the visibility and growth prospects of budding talents in the realm of creativity.

Skilzar, or Oluwaseun Olaegbe, stands as a testament to the concept of a modern-day Renaissance person. Not merely content with excelling in one field, he has etched his name into both the music and business landscapes of Nigeria. Beyond his musical prowess, Skilzar boasts an impressive technological background. As a Google-trained Digital Media Specialist and a Harvard-educated computer programmer, he seamlessly harmonizes his artistic aspirations with his tech-savvy side. With the establishment of Skilzar Digital, a digital media enterprise, and the inception of Yessiey Magazine, Skilzar successfully bridges the gap between the worlds of imagination and technology.

Skilzar’s recent musical creation, “Novacane,” transcends traditional melodies. Instead, it reflects his commitment to injecting positivity into a world grappling with uncertainties on a global scale. In an exclusive interview, Skilzar revealed the motivation behind his masterpiece. He expressed, “In these trying times of worldwide inflation and adversity, my aim was to create a soothing and rhythmic composition, a balm for the soul. ‘Novacane’ epitomizes this comforting melody—a remedy for pain, much like the painkiller it’s named after.”

With a foothold firmly planted in both the music and tech arenas, Skilzar’s multifaceted talents are propelling him into the spotlight as a dynamic force within Nigeria’s entertainment industry. His ability to seamlessly navigate the worlds of creativity and technology sets him apart, while his visionary approach with Yessiey Magazine addresses the essential need for affordable PR support for emerging artists and small businesses. As Skilzar continues to craft harmonious.

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