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Sis-Ties Are Taking Over The Fashion Industry And Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Let’s face it, since time immemorial, a man need only wear a tie to look the part. They have been able to express themselves effortlessly with a simple piece of clothing. However, women have never had that one piece of clothing available that has had the same effect as the humble tie has had for men. If women want to look the part, we combine jewelry with smart clothing, manipulate our hair into beautiful kept conditions, keep our shoes high and shiny. It’s not how we want it, but it is how fashion has manifested itself over the years. To look smart, we have to find the right balance, to look just enough, but not too much. Whereas our male equals merely throw on a tie to complete their look.

Fed up with the social status quo as it is, Rosemarie Macklin (fashion designer) and Munira Mack (lawyer) have introduced a break in the fashion industry to shake things up. Welcome to Sis-ties! Here in lies the answer that women have all been looking for – Ties for women designed by women. But of course, these ties have to represent the women that will wear it. These ties are beautifully, magnificently and intricately designed, with wide-ranging looks that will leave every woman happy with their array of choices to choose from. Each Sis-tie is handmade by professional seamstresses, meaning that whichever design you opt for, you can guarantee quality. The goal behind Sis-ties is to empower women to recognize their worth and value in our world. The mission of Sis-ties is to bond like minded women on their journey to success one tie at a time. Whether you are in the office or meeting for a social engagement, Sis-ties will elevate your look.

All women should have that one striking yet simple piece of clothing that can transform your wardrobe. There are many women who have embraced wearing a tie or some variation such as the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Janelle Monae, Diane Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Jameela Jamil and Ellen DeGeneres. Our goal is to keep creating beautiful ties for our customers while expanding our brand to partner with major department stores committed to supporting small emerging black female owned businesses.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the upcoming holiday season visit, contact us at or IG @lovemysisties.

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