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Sajjad Ali Mirza: A Driving Force in Transforming Transportation

In a world filled with different paths and challenges, Sajjad’s story stands out. It’s a story about never giving up, being determined, and always thinking of new ways to do things. Starting from a simple life, Sajjad is now changing the world of transportation with his company, Abbed Transport. His story also tells us how important it is to remember our roots and our family values.

Sajjad was born in a family with modest means in India. His father was involved in the transportation sector, carrying goods from wood to people who had just passed away. When his family got the chance to move to Australia for a better life and more financial stability, they went for it. Even though moving was difficult, it made Sajjad stronger and taught him the value of hard work.

At the young age of 18, Sajjad had to face the realities of life. He worked in warehouses, unloaded trucks, and even held doors open for customers at high-end stores like Chanel and Tiffany & Co. His determination was clear to see. When his parents separated while he was studying law at university, he had to work longer hours, often sleeping on trains and tables while struggling to pay his bills.

Despite all his hard work, he felt stuck in his career, and his dreams seemed unreachable. But during a late-night train ride, he had an important realization. He remembered his family’s history in the transportation business and his own experiences in warehouses. This led him to a new direction in life.

Sajjad left his job and started his own business in the trucking industry. He didn’t have a lot of money to fall back on if things didn’t go well. His girlfriend was his only supporter, always encouraging him through the ups and downs. Sajjad had to face many challenges, like competing with big companies, dealing with fuel prices that kept changing, and the tough business environment. But he was confident and believed in his team.

A big change that Sajjad made was how he treated his workers. Instead of punishing them when they didn’t do well, he trained them again. This showed them that he cared and wanted them to do better. His advice to others who want to start their own businesses is to believe in their ideas, see hard times as chances to become stronger, and stay focused on their goals.

Every week, Sajjad takes one day to relax and spend time with his loved ones and do things he enjoys. He also practices meditation, which helps him stay focused. He hasn’t shared his future plans yet, but he says that “big things are coming”, so we can look forward to more from him.

Sajjad’s story is a great example for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality. It shows that we can be strong and keep moving forward, no matter what. Our circumstances may shape us, but it’s our choices that show who we really are. Sajjad’s success with Abbed Transport is just the start, and it’s clear that he will keep inspiring us, coming up with new ideas, and changing the transportation industry.

For more about Sajjad, visit Abbed Delivers or follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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