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Rocío Taboada: The Teacher Behind the Cameras of the Most Successful Music Videos



Behind every striking music video and visually captivating image is the talent and vision of an excellent production company. In the world of Latin music, Rocío Taboada has left an indelible mark as one of the most prominent producers, taking the narrative of songs to new heights through her cinematic artistry.

With an impressive list of music videos under her belt, Taboada has collaborated with some of the most influential artists in the industry. From collaborations with superstars like Raw Alejandro, Ozuna and Daddy Yankee, also with Ruggero and Tiago PZK, each project is a visual masterpiece that perfectly complements the music and lyrics of the song.

Some of the most notable music videos where Rocío Taboada has worked include:

• “Nos Comemos” by Tiago PZK ft. Ozuna
• “Trailer 3” by Rauw Alejandro
• “Commercial” by Rauw Alejandro, Ibai, Jabawockeez
• “From Carolina” by Rauw Alejandro
• “Zero Drama” by Ruggero
• “Mientras No Vuelves” by Ovi ft. DannyLux, Blessd
• “Ron Cola” by Rauw Alejandro
• “Trajecito” by FMK ft. Zion & Lennox
• “Saturno México AD” by Rauw Alejandro
• “Mercho Remix” by Lil Cake, Ozuna, Migrantes
• “Morocha” by Ruggero
• “Pantys y Brasieres” by Rauw Alejandro ft. Daddy Yankee
• “Flood” by Rauw Alejandro
• “Baby Hello” by Rauw Alejandro ft. Bizarre
Each of these music videos is not only a testament to the talent of the artists, but also to the creative genius of Rocío Taboada. Her ability to capture the essence of a song and translate it into images that resonate with the audience is truly exceptional.

Rocío Taboada continues to raise the bar in music video production, proving that behind every great song is a brilliant mind working tirelessly to bring her vision to life. Her contribution to the world of Latin music is undeniable and her legacy will live on in the memories of music lovers around the world.

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