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Roberto Espinoza: his gold jewelry represents elegance and exclusivity





Did you know that the history of jewelry dates back to Ancient Egypt? There has been evidence of the design and use of jewelry for more than 3,000 years. And in all this time, jewelry has always represented elegance, glamour, sophistication, each shape and style with its own symbology or meaning. And in all these years, many have been the artists who have stood out creating these beautiful pieces. Until today, great jewelry designers have emerged and especially artists who are dedicated to sculpting, carving, molding or rather, gold artists. That through different techniques they make gold a very valuable piece in different ways, according to the whims or needs of people.

Roberto Espinoza is one such contemporary artist making a solid name for himself in the gold art industry. Based in Miami, Espinoza stands out for making the dreams of many people come true in gold, especially sports and entertainment celebrities. He creates with his skill different pieces of jewelry: rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches, tiaras, crowns. With more than 15 years in these fights Roberto Espinoza is a great connoisseur of this trend. His firm Roes Gold is in charge of marketing his art.

Throughout his career, Roberto Espinoza’s art has received awards and recognitions, the most recent being the Tacarigua de Oro Internacional and Tocando La Fama as “Plastic Artist”. Espinoza is one of the best designers and manufacturers of gold jewelry. Each piece is unique and exclusive, tailored to the person who makes the order. There will never be several identical pieces because they are totally personalized.

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