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Riding instructor Francisco Herrera encourages his students to love and respect horses


Francisco José Herrera was born in Ecuador, there he has grown professionally in horse riding and currently has awards obtained in different cities both in his native country and in the United States. He is a rider and instructor of that discipline for which he has so much love and passion.


His father was a rider and that fostered in him a respect for that sport and of course for horses, so much so that now he is an instructor and shares with his students everything that has led him to be one of the most recognized and to be placed in important positions. within the competitions in which it participates.


What are the main tips you give to your students to achieve better technique and skill in horseback riding?

This sport, like all others, rewards perseverance, discipline and effort. It’s the only way you can achieve growth.


How do you foster a passion and love for horses in your students and the community at large?

The moment you bond with horses and understand that they are not just an animal but that they become part of your life, the love, affection and respect you feel for them grows more every day.


What are the characteristics that a good rider should have?

Open mind and willingness to learn every day, it is a sport in which learning is different every day with each horse.


What are your long-term plans and goals in horseback riding both as a rider and as an instructor?

Continue learning, growing and training as a rider in the different disciplines.


What message would you give to someone who is interested in getting into horse riding as a sport and as a lifestyle?

That your life is about to take a totally different path, unique and full of opportunities, doors and learning.



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