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Revohloo Joins Forces With Bigg Percy to Shake Up Interactive Music Videos

In a groundbreaking move that promises to shake up the entertainment industry, Revohloo Inc., the innovative music video platform, has announced a strategic partnership with renowned marketing veteran Damien “Bigg Percy” Roderick. Revohloo has brought Bigg Percy on board as the company’s President of Marketing, leveraging his unparalleled expertise to accelerate their mission of revolutionizing the way audiences experience music videos and interactive content.

Revohloo: Pioneering Interactive Experiences
Revohloo is at the forefront of a new era in content consumption, offering a revolutionary platform that transcends traditional video viewing. Through cutting-edge technology, Revohloo empowers creators, artists, and brands to develop fully immersive, remixable experiences that audiences can personalize and interact with in real-time.

This innovative approach fosters unprecedented content diversity, deeper fan engagement, and lucrative revenue opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Revohloo’s commitment to empowering artists is exemplified by their groundbreaking revenue-sharing model, which offers creators 100% of net ad revenue for Standard Music Videos (SMVs) and a 50% share of gross revenue for all Revohloo Music Videos created on the platform.

Bigg Percy: A Force in Entertainment Marketing
Damien “Bigg Percy” Roderick is a titan in the entertainment industry, with over three decades of experience in brand development, marketing, and securing lucrative sponsorships for some of the biggest names in music, sports, and entertainment.

As the CEO of Roderick Music Marketing (RMM), established in 1991, Bigg Percy has built an impressive portfolio of collaborations with iconic artists like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Wiz Khalifa, The Dogg Pound, French Montana, Paris Hilton, Ja Rule, Bow Wow, Ray J, and countless other high-profile personalities.

RMM’s impact extends far beyond the music industry, with successful forays into movies, TV shows, sports endorsements, and even introducing small businesses to the mainstream. Bigg Percy thrives on bringing diverse talents together for impactful campaigns and events, making him an ideal partner for Revohloo’s disruptive vision.

Amplifying Reach with RevohlooTV
In a strategic move that promises to unlock new revenue streams and showcase Revohloo’s interactive capabilities to a global audience, the company and RMM are already in talks to develop exclusive content for RevohlooTV, Revohloo’s live-streaming offering.

This collaboration represents a powerful fusion of Revohloo’s cutting-edge technology and Bigg Percy’s unparalleled industry connections, positioning the platform as a leader in the music video revolution and the broader social media landscape.

Nurturing Independent Talent
Beyond empowering established artists, Revohloo remains dedicated to discovering and nurturing independent talent. Through talent scouting initiatives for labels and top producers, the platform provides emerging artists with the tools and resources needed to succeed on a global scale, fostering a diverse and vibrant creative ecosystem.

Engaging Audiences Like Never Before
At the heart of Revohloo’s disruption is its patent-pending Reel Comments technology, which enables real-time interaction between viewers, creators, and brands. Audiences can engage directly with the content they love through comments and replies, fostering a deeper connection and providing valuable insights for brands seeking to connect with their target market.

Revohloo’s impact extends beyond music videos, revolutionizing how people experience all forms of content. Whether it’s music fans, sports enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys interactive experiences, Revohloo has something engaging to offer, catering to a diverse range of interests and audiences.

The Future of Content Engagement
As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, Revohloo’s innovative approach, combined with Bigg Percy’s unparalleled expertise, promises to reshape the way audiences engage with content and how creators build their brands. This dynamic partnership ushers in a new era of interactive experiences and unprecedented opportunities for artists, brands, and content creators worldwide.

With Revohloo’s groundbreaking technology and Bigg Percy’s marketing prowess, the possibilities for transforming the music video landscape and beyond are truly limitless. As this powerful collaboration unfolds, the entertainment world will undoubtedly bear witness to a seismic shift in how audiences connect with the content they love.

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