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Publicity For Good Joins RePlatform as Media Partner for Freedom Economy Convention

Leading PR Agency For Purpose-Driven BrandsAmplifies Message of Economic Freedom and Intellectual Diversity at Prestigious Event

LAS VEGAS, NV / February 2024 / Publicity For Good (PFG), America’s number one PR agency for purpose-driven brands will be representing stalwart advocate advocate for the Parallel Economy and catalyzing body behind initiatives such sa Defeat the Mandates and the Covid Litigation Conferences as its official media partner for its upcoming Freedom Economy Convention. The convention is Scheduled for March 8-10, 2024, at the prestigious Horseshoe Hotel in Las Vegas, this event is poised to be a landmark event, uniting thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists in advancing the principles of the Parallel Economy.

Publicity For Good, led by Heather and Austin Holmes, stands at the forefront of purpose-driven media engagement, specializing in public relations for brands that make a positive impact on society. As the official media partner for the Freedom Economy Convention, PFG will leverage its expertise to amplify the convention’s message of economic freedom and intellectual diversity, ensuring that it reaches a global audience passionate about driving positive change.

The partnership signifies a strategic alignment between Publicity For Good’s mission to promote purpose-driven brands and RePlatform’s vision to empower individuals and businesses within the Parallel Economy. By joining forces, both entities aim to catalyze meaningful conversations and inspire actionable change in how society views economic freedom and intellectual diversity. RePlatform expressed their appreciation for the support that Publicity For Good has provided through the event’s preparation stating: 

“Organizing RePlatform has been a joyful but challenging experience. The Corporate Media and Stripe have tried to cancel our conference multiple times and for a first year event in a new space- this can be daunting. Publicity For Good had our backs the entire journey and have been true partners for this experimental conference. We could not be happier to have them in our corner. We chose Publicity For Good to be our PR partner because they work fast and have good vibes”David Ragsdale, CEO, RePlatform

The Freedom Economy Convention promises to be a transformational gathering, offering attendees revolutionary and unique insights into the principles and practices of the Parallel Economy. With a diverse lineup of speakers, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, the convention aims to empower individuals and businesses to thrive in a world increasingly shaped by economic uncertainty and censorship.

Attendees can expect keynote addresses from industry luminaries, panel discussions on topics ranging from decentralized finance to regenerative agriculture, and practical workshops on building resilient businesses in the face of adversity. Additionally, exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services aligned with the ethos of the Parallel Economy will provide attendees with opportunities to explore new ventures and forge strategic partnerships.

In addition to its role as the official media partner, Publicity For Good founders Heather and Austin Holmes will also be sharing their insights at the convention. The talk, entitled After Cancellation: The PR Perspective, Draws from their experience in building purpose-driven brands and navigating the media landscape, Heather and Austin will offer attendees actionable strategies for leveraging media engagement to drive business growth and social impact.

As the countdown to the Freedom Economy Convention begins, anticipation is building among thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists eager to champion economic freedom and intellectual diversity. With Publicity For Good onboard as the official media partner, the convention is expected to make a significant impact, amplifying its message and reaching audiences around on a global scale.

For more information about the Freedom Economy Convention and to reserve tickets, visit RePlatform’s website. Join Publicity For Good, along with other industry leaders, in shaping the future of the Parallel Economy at this groundbreaking event.

About RePlatform:

Founded by the visionary team behind Defeat the Mandates and the Covid Litigation Conferences, RePlatform is dedicated to elevating the quality of innovation and investment in the Parallel Economy. The Freedom Economy Convention, taking place from Friday, March 8, 2024, to Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Horseshoe Hotel in Las Vegas, is a crucial gathering for those seeking tangible solutions beyond the cancel strategy of Corporate America The event includes a business expo, The Astral Ball Barnraiser, a specialized accelerator track, and panels designed to equip attendees—entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, and advertisers—with the tools to UnCancel America.

About Publicity For Good

Publicity For Good (PFG) is a disruptive communications firm founded by Heather DeSantis, a celebrated publicist and former Miss Ohio International. Specializing in providing high-level publicity, thought leadership, awards and social media services for purpose-driven clients in the food, beverage, and beauty industry. For over 10 years, PFG has established itself as the country’s premier PR agency for CPG brands with a commitment to social good. PFG’s portfolio of over 200 purpose-driven clients includes renowned brands such as Nutpods, Flying Embers, Eco Lips, Prospector Popcorn, Good Stock Soups, Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce, Dignity Coconuts, and True Aussie Beef & Lamb granting them a greater share of voice and influence in their respective industries . Recognized as the Bulldog PR Awards Gold Small Agency of the Year in 2019, O’Dwyer’s Best PR Firm for CPG Brands in 2020, and the Bulldog PR Awards Bronze Midsize Agency of the Year in 2021, PFG is dedicated to helping purpose-driven brands grow, increase ROI, and make a meaningful impact. With a focus on integrated social media and PR services, we empower our clients to become leaders in their space, driving visibility, market penetration, and growth.

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