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Property Entrepreneur James Murphy Shares His Secrets to Building an 8 Figure Empire

London, UK & Dubai Based – James Murphy, the founder and CEO of Global Property and Wealth Network (GPWN), has built an international property empire in just five  years. Driven by a desire to afford a new school for their son who was getting bullied, James and his wife Stephanie ventured into the real estate business. The couple’s determination and creativity led them to create a portfolio of over 400 cash-flowing properties in the UK and Dubai.

Murphy and his team at GPWN teach and consult for property entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners to scale their property portfolios and businesses. They offer strategies for raising finance, creating wealth through property, and leveraging the ‘share economy’ to achieve success.

One of Murphy’s notable achievements is fully systematizing his business so that he doesn’t even have to think about it. He accomplished this by bringing experienced and seasoned leaders into key positions on the board.

In addition to his business success, Murphy is passionate about giving back. He aims to teach people globally how to build wealth through property and use that wealth to make a difference in the world.

“I believe you don’t have to own assets to make money from them, and most big businesses leverage this principle,” says Murphy. “Focus on relationships as there are million-dollar relationships that can open doors to huge opportunities. You can grow a property portfolio without any of your own money. All you need is the right knowledge, strategy, and team.”

Murphy’s ideal clients are business owners too busy to invest their funds, individuals wanting to create financial freedom through property, and property business owners and existing investors wishing to scale their portfolios. His clients often come to him with pain points such as a lack of knowledge, confidence, resources, key relationships, and opportunities.

Murphy’s success has led to glowing testimonials from clients who have scaled their property portfolios with his guidance. Dee and Zee of Creekwood Properties grew their portfolio from 6 to 80 properties in just one year after working with Murphy’s GPWN, while Joe Lisa grew his portfolio count from 6 properties to 120.

For more information on James Murphy and Global Property and Wealth Network, visit his Instagram.

Contact: James Murphy Global Property and Wealth Network

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