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Mrs. Real Venezuela: The gold standard in beauty pageants


Seriousness, values, perseverance, discipline and responsibility have been the premises
that lead to today, the contest created in 2014 by Alessandro
Pineda; the young man who broke with what was established in beauty pageants to
The businessman and president of the Mrs. Real Venezuela Organization, Alessandro
Pineda, expressed his total satisfaction with the selection of the 30 candidates who
will compete next May 4th, to win the crown as the most
beautiful of the country. Likewise, the 32-year-old young man, also an event producer,
He highlighted that the candidates have dedicated themselves body and soul to their preparation,
for more than four months.
The concept of comprehensive beauty is born
Pineda explained that the fundamental reason for the contest was that in a
opportunity, he was directing a youth fashion show and I was able to observe that
Many representatives (mothers) were happier than their own daughters. "HE
I noticed that they were the ones who really wanted to be there and through their
daughters, they lived their dream,” he noted.
The businessman highlighted that in the following months, he produced a fashion show
called “Mama dresses fashionably.” Thus, in 2014, Alessandro led
a young woman to compete in an international competition in the Dominican Republic, and
The director asked her if she had the “Ladies” category. That question encouraged
Pineda to carry out the first edition of Sra. Real Venezuela, which began in
A path that has borne fruit

In the ten years that the organization has existed, more than 500 ladies have marched,
who have enriched their lives with the comprehensive preparation that Alessandro
Pineda and his multidisciplinary team of professionals provide them.
On the other hand, the model also commented that in recent years, some states have
have added to the organization Mrs. Real Venezuela, making it one each
most respectable franchise day.
“Achievers for life”
For Pineda, the great strength of his competition is learning and growth
constant of its candidates. It is the reunion that, as women, leads them to
recover your feminine part; not feeling bad for being flirtatious and dedicating
also time for themselves. It also means discovering attitudes and
hidden skills in them such as dancing, acting, animation, goldsmithing,
design or simply become a potential businesswoman. "Mrs. Real
“Venezuela is a contest to create winners in life,” Pineda highlighted.

May 4th is the big day!
Finally, we remind you that the contest will take place on May 4,
fashion show style. Alessandro told us that it will take place at the Hotel
Pestana de Caracas, at 6:00 pm.
Important celebrities and people from the media will be present at the great event.
“On this occasion, the ladies will wear the gala dress of the color palette
pink, which is associated with the opening of the heart, the connection with the spiritual and
the elevation of the spirit, parading along a 17-meter catwalk,” highlighted the
general producer.

Finally, we remind you that in the month of August, the prestigious
“Mama dresses fashionable” parade. Pineda expressed that the vast majority of
participants in this event, are preparing to be ready in January and get
be admitted to the next edition of Mrs. Real Venezuela.
Follow the organization's social networks to stay informed of who
They will be the winners of the beautiful and elegant contest.

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