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Motivational Success Speaker Anthony D Shannon Sr is Changing lives and Inspiring the Masses!!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Anthony D Shannon Sr.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

Anthony D Shannon ,Sr is a Thought-Provoking leader in the Corporate World and now in the motivational speaking and training industry. He is an American author, speaker, and Pastor ,Teacher & Prophet who has written 2 books and produced 4 Manuals His latest book “ LIVE GENEROUSLY” which can be purchased on Amazon or my website, primarily focusing on leadership. Anthony was born in Pontiac Michigan ,is an evangelical Christian, he was called into the Ministry and led his mother into the ministry. In 1989 Anthony had an encounter with the Lord that changed his life forever. Anthony completed a bachelor’s degree at Southwestern Christian University in 1988, a Master of Divinity degree at Southwestern Christian University. Anthony is a leadership expert, speaker, and author in the areas of corporate leadership, Casting vision, time Management , consultative B2B sales, business development and coaching and High-level Training. He has impacted countless lives across the United States helping individuals come to the realization that change is necessary for their personal and business growth and Helping individuals know that Overing to Win is always possible even when the odds are stacked up against you so here I am ,proven that determination win’s every time.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

Anthony Overcame His learning disorder and speech impediment to become Successful and now finds His purpose helping others overcome. Anthony has a unique ability to be pedagogy and didactic which engages , motivates, and inspires leaders of all levels to achieve their vision. 25 years of Corporate experience from Sales Training to District Vice President and Vice President Positions with Companies like ADP, CERDIAN, MARRIOTT, ADP TOTAL SOURCE AND STAFF PLUS AND PAYCHEX, WALT DISNEY , HOME DEPOT , Anthony has also been responsible for overseeing the success of training departments and with over 3000 employees During that time Anthony has created and delivered world class award winning presentations on large stages within corporations all across the United States and now working to expand into Canada and other International Countries. Anthony’s own personal Childhood experience about Overcoming set-backs has allowed him to use his life in Corporate America and now allows him to speak with passion and power to leaders of all levels. Anthony has been the keynote speaker for many Organizations and Churches , Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship , Church of God in Christ , National Agents Alliance NAA Leadership Conference ,NAACP Regional Conference in Ohio , ADP National Conference , Christian Business Network. and The Detroit Pistons Camp, International Prayer Conference, Detroit Police Department Training Center, Wayne County Sheriff Department.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

Anthony is a certified speaker ,trainer and Leadership coach ,with the John Maxwell Group , and certified with the Sam Chad leadership academy and now working in partnership with the Fair Consulting Group,& The House of Creativity Live on Clubhouse. Anthony has had years to perfect his skills on Teamwork and Leadership which are now transferable and now allows him to reach more and train more leaders in industries across a large spectrum from Corporate teams, Sports teams ,Organizational groups to Automotive Groups,Hospitality Groups & Hospitals and everything in between because every industry has leaders in some capacity. Anthony has the ability in His training to take the complex and break it down to the simplified, Anthony’s training sessions are fun ,lively and relevant and has an impact on over hundreds of thousands of employees ,executives ,Sales Managers , and High-level Sales Professionals, He specializes in High performance Teamwork,Diversity and getting Unity in teams and Top level leadership.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Since discovering his gift of motivating people towards overcoming difficulties and making their dreams happen, he has become an inspirational figure across several industries. In addition to building a reputation as a religious leader, he is also well-known for his motivational speaking, leadership consulting, and corporate training skills.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

Anthony is a leading authority on personal empowerment and igniting greatness in others. Embodying his personal motto of “You can do it! Yes, you can,” he developed a deep-rooted enthusiasm for helping others lead significant and fulfilled lives by conquering obstacles and WINNING.

What’s next for you?

Anthony says to “live is to grow and to Grow is to Change and Change is necessary for sustained success, Anthony says he is living out his purpose to help people WIN in life and Overcome all obstacles even when the odds are stack up against you, for Winning environments to companies and their biggest investment employees to thrive and Win throughout this 21st century. Quote “ You were made for a Purpose and Life without Purpose is like living life not at all ,so find your purpose and live your life” Anthony D Shannon

Because of His Certification with John Maxwell ,he have access to teach and present his Leadership training that he himself uses when he teaches and trains leaders. We are deeply Passionate and relatable to the employee and to the Vice President and CEOs because of my experiences. We can guarantee results if companies and employees follow our training methods.

When I was having so much success in my corporate assignments and working with leaders I saw the need to train and help so I began to work my purpose. In the words of the Late Dr. Myles Munroe. “Do not die old, die empty. That is the goal of life. Go to the cemetery and disappoint the graveyard.” Myles Munroe

I would like to see ourselves with more recognition internationally and Canada helping more companies to increase our sphere of influence to more companies and the UK and myself speaking on more large stages.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

Anthony has a unique ability to be pedagogy and didactic that engages, motivates, and encourages leaders of all levels to achieve their vision. He is dedicated to inspiring people worldwide by showing them that they can come back from any setback, obstacle, or challenge to WIN and never have to be limited by past experiences or current circumstances.

Recognized as a well-known fixture in his community, Anthony serves as CEO and President of Anthony D Shannon Consulting Group. He is also the Founder of Leaders Live Generously Academy and CEO of God’s Gear Gospel Wear Sports Clothing Line. Anthony is the author of several leadership manuals and bestselling books, including Live Generously and Unleashing Your Undeniable Impact, alongside legendary powerhouse speaker Les Brown.

Anthony is a visionary who has been recognized with numerous certifications and awards, including two Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards, Barak Obama Distinguished Community Award, Directors Award, Champion Circle Award, Presidents Club Award, and the Givers Award for his leadership, commitment, and contributions to his community and the next generation. His work has been featured on prominent media platforms such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and in leading newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Weekly, CEO Weekly, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Michigan Chronicle, Keynote Magazine, and Exposure Magazine, among others.


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