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Michael Jenkins Builds a Trading Empire to Achieve Generational Wealth

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Michael Jenkins, also known as The Real Millionaire Mike, is a successful entrepreneur who has built a forex trading empire to help people achieve generational wealth. Jenkins is the founder of FreeLife101 Investment Group, which teaches parents how to trade Forex so they can quit their job and teach their kids, creating generational wealth and making the world a better place.

Jenkins began his career in sales, selling home security door to door for 12 years. However, he wanted something that would allow him to earn unlimited income without relying on someone to spend money with him. In 2019, he discovered Forex trading and quickly became passionate about it. He hired a coach to teach him everything he knew, pulled out all the fluff, and made it easy enough for anyone to learn and profit from quickly.

In February 2020, Jenkins founded FreeLife101 Investment Group. His goal was to create a company that catered to everything he knew the market needed, and then some. Today, FreeLife101 is a popular trading academy that has helped over 300 students retire and has produced one seven-figure millionaire student.

What sets FreeLife101 apart from other Forex trading academies is its commitment to making Forex trading easy and accessible to everyone. Jenkins has simplified the learning process to an elementary level so that anyone can understand and profit from it. The company’s success rate speaks for itself, with a high 90% capacity at the academy.

Aside from teaching Forex trading, Jenkins is also committed to helping homeless people rebuild their lives through his success camps. His success camps are free boarding schools for the homeless to come and get clean, reprogram their minds with personal development, get in shape, and learn a trade taught by a certified tradesman. After earning their certification in the trades of their choice, they can gain employment and work until they’re hired in with full pay and able to rejoin society with a new beginning.

Jenkins’ advice to young entrepreneurs is to never get too attached to “when” they think they should reach their goals. Success cannot be rushed, and patience is key. Business should be a passion that drives one to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm or momentum. When entrepreneurs are fulfilled by the love they have for their business, money will be an automatic byproduct.

In the next five years, Jenkins hopes to continue building success camps all over the world and help even more people achieve generational wealth through Forex trading. With his dedication to helping others and his passion for Forex trading, there’s no doubt that Michael Jenkins will continue to make a positive impact on the world. To keep up with Michael Jenkins make sure you follow him on Instagram.

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