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Meet Joshua Finley: The 25 Year-Old Quietly Building A Career as a Ghost(writer)

Joshua Finley is a writer, entrepreneur and the founder of Domor Books – a writing company that has helped many individuals to publish their books, courses, and other written resources. His career started working with other entrepreneurs and businesses who needed writers. Quickly realizing that there was a huge market opportunity, he took the time to study and build his own company. Currently, through his business and his new book  “Becoming A Ghost,” he wants to help 1,000 people to tell their story in 2022.

Finley believes that everyone has a story to tell and his is certainly no exception. After barely graduating college, he found himself with a young family and very little money. The first year was tough. “My wife and I had to rent out a bedroom in our two bedroom house to help cover rent.” He did eventually get a good job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where he worked for two years. “I made okay money, but I never wanted to work for someone else my whole life, so I knew I would start my own thing someday.” This statement was backed up by his actions. He quit his job at age 23 and started his entrepreneurial journey. By the age of 23, he had already helped launch an ice cream shop, bought a coffee shop and several other investments. Despite his early investments, he was still looking for a career that made good money. “The funny thing about being a business owner, especially restaurants, is that you don’t make a lot of money – especially in the beginning.” Needing some money, he started looking for a side hustle. After a short stint in online sales, he found his next gig – writing.

In December 2020, he found a job writing articles online. The job didn’t replace the income he was making from working in the restaurants he started, but it helped cover some bills. “I was making a couple hundred extra dollars a month, but I still didn’t see this as a career option.” That opinion would change when he met a life-changing client. Working for a PR Agency, he was constantly interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners to write articles (like this one.) One of these clients was Peter Lopez – the owner of a publishing company. Peter Lopez was so impressed with the write up that he offered Finley a job on the spot. “I was shocked, but I was also ready to take the opportunity.” Since then, his writing career has taken off. Over the last year, he has stopped working in his restaurants and has dedicated his time to building his writing career. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was establishing himself as a player in a 25 billion dollar industry. As a ghostwriter he had the opportunity to sit down with some pretty important people. With a client base that regularly includes multi-millionaires, entrepreneurs, athletes and public figures, you would think that he would be bragging about it on social media. He explained the reason he doesn’t. “Honestly, most of my work is ghostwriting, so I agree not to share that I did it. But my clients know who I am, and that’s what matters.” 

When we asked what was the reason for his success, he answered. “First, is being confident. I’ve been writing for years, but never as a full time job. I wasn’t confident that I could make it a career. However, starting my own businesses, buying a restaurant and having a mentor that believed in me really boosted my confidence, so when the opportunity came, I was ready.” The other reason for his success, he said, was constantly building connections. “All of my clients came from building connections. In the beginning, I worked for free or very little, but it led to bigger things.” He followed that up with the need to consistently improve your craft. When he isn’t writing for his clients, he is writing book ideas, reading books, or studying courses. He does all of this to keep his writing sharp and find ways to make it better. “As a writer, you have to keep learning. Your brain is literally your business. You can only write what you know.”

When we asked him what’s next, he smiled before answering. “A lot more.” He is in the beginning stages of launching a publishing company, but his current project is a new book. His new book, “Becoming A Ghost” details his journey as a ghostwriter and shares how others can build a career in this lucrative industry as well. Whether you are looking to build a side hustle, start a new career, or simply enjoy writing for others, this book gives you everything you need to get started as a writer. The information is presented in a very simple, easy-to-read blueprint and contains exactly the steps he took to build a full time career writing online. When asked what his motivation for writing was, he responded, “Everyone has a story, an experience, or knowledge that can help others, I want to be part of them getting that to the world.”

Whether you are an aspiring author, an entrepreneur, or just someone with a story to tell or a message to share, Domor Books is the best option for you to share your story. First, it has all the resources to get your story published. Also, its team has already helped countless authors become bestsellers. Lastly, you can feel confident that they will put your best interests in mind. If you want to be published and keep control of your biggest asset, you can contact Joshua Finley and his team at Domor Books via the links below.

If interested in getting published and looking for more information, follow the following links: 

To learn more about Joshua Finley, his book, or his writing services: Visit him on Instagram @joshafinley

To sign up for alerts about his book “Becoming A Ghost” visit:

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