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Masi Habibi: Modern-Day Carnegie

A hundred and fifty years ago Andrew Carnegie, who emigrated to the United States as a child and never had the luxury of a college education, was in the middle of forming a business empire that would make US Steel of the largest and most profitable corporations the world has ever seen. Where other businessmen came from positions of privilege, Carnegie rose from a blue-collar background, was completely self-taught, and never forgot the importance of access to information, dedicating his fortune to helping others through establishing public libraries around the country.

Masi Habibi, the founder of MasiTrades, has not yet reached the heights of Carnegie, but she is well on her way. Like him, she emigrated to the United States as a child, like him she taught herself her trade, and like him, she shares a focus on the importance of education in helping others achieve similar success. Of course, steel magnates are hard to come by in this day and age, but Masi has already achieved significant success and prominence in her own field: options day trading.

Habibi came to trading as a complete novice, and without any mentoring or help: “There were no females in the industry. It was so male dominated that I never had a guide or a place where I could go and learn.” As a result, she made rookie mistakes by relying too much on emotion instead of sticking to a strategy. It was easy to get discouraged, and she had to keep reminding herself of the importance of perseverance. However, for Habibi practice made perhaps, and “Once [she] became confident in [her] knowledge and really honed in on being a disciplined individual, it changed [her] trading drastically.”

Soon, Habibi was able to quit her job and focus exclusively on trading. But, like Carnegie, the goal was not merely to make a profit for herself, but to provide the resources to others to help them do the same. The result was founding MasiTrades, as well as hosting popular YouTube and Discord accounts, where Habibi teaches others how to achieve their own financial independence, even if they don’t start out with much: “The great thing about trading options is you can trade and make the same, or an even greater return on investment starting out with less capital. I’ve helped people flip 1K accounts to 50K, so you don’t have to start out with a lot to achieve financial success.”

Habibi continues to make a killing as a trader, but admits that her real passion is financial education. “Teaching and guiding clients along their journeys to financial self-sufficiency” is what drives Habibi and MasiTrades, allowing her to follow in the foot-steps of Carnegie. His motto, “No man becomes rich unless he enriches others,” sounds like it might be a good mantra for Habibi to adopt as her own slogan.

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