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Mala Rambharose: Crafting Her Own Path to Success

Mala Rambharose’s narrative, which spans from homelessness to living as a monk, and ultimately emerging as a prosperous entrepreneur, stands as a testament to her relentless spirit and determination. The founder of CityMonk Media, Mala personifies the modern entrepreneur who challenges adversity, continually pushes boundaries, and designs her version of success.

From College Dropout to Entrepreneurial Discovery

Mala’s entrepreneurial journey found its roots during an unexpected Starbucks tasting event at the Toronto head office. A change of fortune that nudged her away from the traditional path of education and towards cultivating her inherent entrepreneurial spirit.

Traversing the Path Less Traveled

Mala confronted numerous rejections from Canadian publishing firms as she embarked on her entrepreneurial venture. Unfazed, she chose to chart her course by exploring the world of self-publishing, distribution, and marketing for her children’s book, “There’s A Pebble In My Shoe.” Her determination attracted the attention of prominent Canadian literary figures such as Heather Reisman, founder of Indigo Books, and Brad Martin, the ex-CEO of Penguin Random House Canada.

Confronting Challenges Head-On

The path to Mala’s success was lined with hardships. She faced obstacles owing to her youth, gender, and constrained financial resources. These hardships did not deter her but became opportunities for growth, urging her to adapt and push forward.

Small Wins, Significant Triumphs

For Mala, sustaining an apartment in downtown Toronto during her twenties was a significant victory that signaled overcoming her past experiences with homelessness and public housing. Also, her association with HuffPost, despite its critics, marked an essential milestone, amplified by words of encouragement from Arianna Huffington herself.

Monastic Life: A Road to Self-Reflection

Mala’s entrepreneurial journey took a unique turn when a string of disappointments led her to adopt a monk-like lifestyle. By distancing herself from technology and materialistic pursuits, she found solace in spirituality and introspection. This phase brought to light the essence of bootstrapping and its role in fostering entrepreneurial discipline.

Guiding Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mala’s advice to budding entrepreneurs emphasizes the value of maintaining a steady job while nurturing their business. She suggests that external investments can potentially stifle creativity and innovation. Instead, she champions a self-reliant approach that fosters better resource management and reduces the burden of living up to others’ expectations.

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Personal Wellness

In her entrepreneurial journey, Mala places a high value on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Her commitment to rest, hydration, and physical activity reflects her understanding of the importance of personal wellness in parallel with professional pursuits.

Life Chronicles in “Broken Telephone”

Currently, Mala is working on a memoir, “Broken Telephone,” which will present an array of fascinating individuals and the wisdom they shared. The memoir is set to shed light on her unconventional journey from homelessness to entrepreneurship and a monastic lifestyle.

Challenging the Status Quo

Mala Rambharose is an example of an individual who challenges societal norms and expectations. Her journey narrates a tale of resilience, transformation, and unyielding determination, serving as a vivid reminder that each path to success is personal and deserves respect and acknowledgment.

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