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Layth Samarah’s Ground-Up Approach To MintyPips

Layth Samarah

Founder and CEO of MintyPips Academy, Layth Samarah, teaches 1000+ students around the world how to build the lifestyle of their dreams through forex and cryptocurrency education.

In the trading space, MintyPips was Samarah’s nickname, which he later adopted and turned into the brand it is today. He also owns his brand of mint leaf rolling papers called Minty’s Wraps.

Aside from his business’s financial success, Samarah attributes his real success to the students he’s been able to help quit their full-time jobs and become financially independent. The greatest joy he experiences is helping others achieve the success that is equal to or greater than his own.  Aside from decentralized finance, Layth Samarah has worked with MintySwap to develop video games and apps, such as Cryb, through MintyPips.

Samarah’s success in trading was not easy. In the early days of trading, it was thought that you would achieve instant success and make large amounts of money, but it took Samarah nearly four years to build a profitable business in the market that allowed him to work full-time and stop working odd jobs. Also, Samarah had to ignore the naysayers and doubters who constantly surrounded him. It was Samarah’s choice whether to become the exception or join the 95% of traders who make little to no money when they first begin trading.

Among Layth Samarah’s inspirations are Robert Kyosaki, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Tony Robbins. Samarah’s biggest inspiration when it comes to trading comes from Quillian Black, who went from working at Target to becoming a multi-seven-figure trader.

Finding the right mentor is crucial when it comes to trading, according to Samarah. MintyPips has attracted people from multiple platforms for training, and that’s because it gives them the best results possible to achieve a sustainable trading lifestyle. Check out Layth’s business opportunities here and follow him on Instagram.

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