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Kushal Chandi Is Looking To Dominant The Exotic Rental Industry

Kushal Chandi is looking to build a nationwide rental company that provides athletes, celebrities and prominent businessmen with luxury transportation. With a fleet of luxury cars including Lamborghini’s, Rolls Royce and others, he has quickly established his brand as a reliable and service-driven player in the industry. Here is his story.

Growing up in New Jersey, Kushal learned to run a business through the family business. Despite ample opportunity and experience working in the gas station industry, he knew he wanted to run his own business one day – something built around his passion for exotic cars. “I’ve always loved cars since I was a kid – so building a business around my love of cars made sense. When he first pitched the idea to his dad, the answer was no. “I didn’t take that as a cue to stop; I knew I just needed to study more and show my dad how this idea would work. After nearly a year of research and networking, he felt confident that it was time to take action on his plan. 

Building the Brand

In April 2021, Kushal launched his business with a single car – Rolls Royce. The road hasn’t always been easy, but just over a year later, he had a fleet of 10 vehicles that he kept constantly on rent in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Kushal says his success is largely due to his ability to network and market his cars. “Meeting the right people and creating attractive content is key to growth.” 

Focus On The Controllables 

Despite his success, Kushal had to admit that the business is not always easy. “People mess up your cars, things get slow: but you have to work around that.” In an industry that has such a high failure rate that many banks are hesitant to help lend money to unestablished business owners, Kushal looks to keep his success going by focusing on the controllables. “Beyond networking and marketing is our commitment to customer service. We look to give our clients an amazing experience and that keeps business and referrals coming our way. His method had worked. Since he launched his business, he has already seen other companies rise and fall. “It’s not easy, but you have to be committed to making it work and treating people right. 

Looking to Future Expansion

As his brand continues to grow, Kushal has an all-in mentality to fuel his brand’s success. “We want to be the one stop that people need in the exotic rental space.” With this in mind, he regularly collaborates with other rental companies, offers long term leases and financing, as well as looking to expand into the maintenance side of the business. “We are looking to build a detailing shop to help keep our cars looking sharp and other rental companies as well.” For now, Kushal is focused on continuing to build his brand and has eyes set on expanding into the Miami market as well as other major metropolitan areas in the US. If you are interested in learning more about Kushal Chandi and his business, check out his website or go give him a follow on Instagram.

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