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Kiria Fede Aliendres: Success lies in anticipating and preventing future problems


Kiria Fede Aliendres, Auditor Accountant with an outstanding career in the area of Finance, Management Control and Audit, has distinguished herself for her extensive experience in the development and management of KPI’s, Project Management, Business Strategies, issuance and analysis of Statements Financial, IFRS Regulations, Internal Control and Budget.

In addition, Kiria has demonstrated proven skills in managing the opening of commercial premises, being able to identify needs and opportunities of internal and external clients to make assertive decisions. Her analytical thinking, team leadership and versatility have made her a dynamic and proactive professional.

derstand and delve a little deeper into these issues we wanted to talk to her and this is what she told us:

-What is your experience in the field

-I started my career as an Auditor at KPMG Alcaraz Cabrera Vázquez, I started as an assistant and left the firm as a Senior Auditor, I have also supervised the accounting area of the different companies in which I have worked as a Finance Manager and I have been the bridge of communication between external auditors and my companies

– What are the main responsibilities of a public accountant?

-Organization, review and control of accounting. Issuance of certificates and opinions on financial statements. Carry out certifications based on accounting books. Exercise tax audit and provide audit services. Provide tax, management, accounting advice, among others. Carry out other activities related to the nature of the profession.

What skills do you consider essential to be successful as a public accountant?

-Technical skills: One of the main skills that CPAs need is a deep understanding of accounting and accounting principles. Communication Skills: Clearly and accurately explain accounting concepts to others. Listen carefully and understand your clients’ needs and concerns. Ability to read and understand clients’ financial information to provide them with appropriate financial guidance. I work as a team with other accountants, lawyers and other professionals to ensure that all legal requirements are met and appropriate financial guidance is provided to clients. Management Skills: Organize and manage your own accounting projects. Ability to plan projects efficiently, assign tasks to other professionals, and work under pressure to meet deadlines. Control costs and ensure that projects are completed within the established budget. Problem solving skills: Analyze companies’ financial problems and develop effective solutions. Ability to identify and resolve any potential problems before they become a real problem. Anticipate and prevent future problems, she concluded by saying.

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