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Jay Emmanuel Aims to Help Others Get Started in Real Estate

Julian “Jay Emmanuel” Bruton is an inspiring entrepreneur who has overcome significant challenges to reach his current level of success in real estate investing. Raised by a single mother Demetrice King-Robinson in North Carolina, he watched his mother struggle financially and was driven to become successful himself. After graduating from college, he pursued a career in the music industry but later lost his job during the pandemic, which led him to discover the concept of “wholesaling” real estate from a YouTube video. Around this time, Jay also remembered how he used to help out his grandfather, Benjamin Bruton Sr. work on his rental properties during the summers while growing up.

The beginning of Jay’s real estate journey was far from easy, but at a time when he contemplated quitting, it was the support of his now finance Kayla Turner that saw him through. Jay’s perseverance and willingness to learn led him to close his first wholesale real estate deal for $7,000 in September 2020, which was a turning point in his career. Since then, he has generated six figures in assignment fees and over $600,000 in gross volume sold. He now specializes in helping individuals get started in real estate investing via wholesaling through his “$100k Wholesaling Blueprint Community”, which offers weekly coaching calls, case-studies, contracts, scripts, and mentorship at an affordable price.

His best piece of advice for those who desire success is to believe in themselves, understand that setbacks are just learning experiences, and that challenges along the way ultimately help mold them into the person they are destined to become. To Jay, success means being able to pursue his dreams and become one with the people and things he loves along the journey.

Jay’s ultimate goal in real estate investing is to help fix-up and redevelop the cities in Eastern North Carolina where he grew up, providing access to limited opportunities and resources. He believes in giving back to his community through service and information, empowering others to expand their mindsets and take calculated risks.

To connect with Jay, people can find him on Facebook and Instagram @jayemmanuelofficial, and listen to his podcast “World of Freedom with Jay Emmanuel” on all major podcast streaming platforms. Jay’s inspiring story and dedication to helping others achieve their goals in real estate investing make him a valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing this path.

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