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Forbes BLK Welcomes James Nwankwo: Meet Our Newest Member in the Ranks of Success”

In a groundbreaking achievement, DJ Virall, professionally known as James Chike Nwankwo, secures a coveted spot in Forbes BLK, a distinguished segment of the renowned Forbes magazine. This recognition celebrates the remarkable journey and outstanding accomplishments of this multifaceted individual.

Forbes BLK, an influential arm of the esteemed Forbes magazine, illuminates the achievements of Black leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers across diverse industries. James Nwankwo’s inclusion in this exclusive community underscores his exceptional feats and unwavering commitment to excellence. Hailing from Orumba North Local Government Area in Anambra State, Nigeria, DJ Virall embodies innovation and commitment in the Entertainment sector. A seasoned DJ and MC, he extends his influence globally, engaging in rigorous research as a PhD student with published articles in reputable journals.

His role as an entertainer and influencer, coupled with his esteemed authorship of the article ‘Analysis of Impact of Industry 4.0 on Africa, Eastern Europe and US,’ showcases his multifaceted influence in academia. This underscores his commitment to navigating the dynamic landscape of the entertainment and academic realms.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, James showcased both creativity and philanthropy, marking a significant turn in his career. He extended a lifeline to underprivileged children and mentored aspiring DJs, exemplifying his dedication to giving back to society.

Collaborating with renowned brands such as Coca-Cola and notable personalities like Sucre, Ekejo of Ile-Ife, and Ooni of Ife, James has made a mark in the entertainment industry. His international exposure includes work in Moscow alongside artists like T-Flow and Fior de Bior.

The acclaim for his article reverberates within academic circles, with PhD holders, professors, and journals seeking collaborations. His empowering philosophy, encapsulated in the assertion that “Becoming successful in multiple fields simultaneously is easier than you think,” resonates with audiences facing the challenges of balancing education and entertainment.

James’ impressive digital presence, boasting over 17,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Threads, attests to his impact and trust within the academia/entertainment community. These platforms serve not only as sources of entertainment but also as spaces for empowerment, community building, and shared growth.

With a robust academic background from the University of Ibadan, Higher School of Economics, and the University of Glasgow, James’ journey reflects his dedication to excellence. His Nigerian heritage, combined with experiences in the UK and Russia, enriches his perspective, enabling him to connect with and uplift a diverse audience.

Renowned for his pioneering spirit, James has received numerous awards, acknowledging his contributions to entertainment and education. As a current member of the ForbesBLK community, his story serves as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the profound impact of passionate commitment to the DJing community and the transformative power of education.

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