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FinanciBull Revolutionizes Financial Education


FinanciBull is owned and operated by Christian Whitehead, a native of Tampa, Florida. He founded FinanciBull in 2021, a financial marketing company that focuses on educating and helping families make, save, and invest their money. He is also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of StarTek Workforce Solutions, StarTAK Fiber, StarLink Construction Utilities, and Expert Solar Pros.

As a college student, Christian Whitehead discovered that his entrepreneurship professor owned no businesses. His next step was to negotiate with his parents so that he could start working for their company. The company was small at the time; however, it rapidly grew after Christian joined. Eventually, Christian would create FinanciBull to fill a void in American financial education. He felt that the basic economic principles should be taught in schools. A financial advisor educated Whitehead about the evolution of financial products after he owned multiple businesses and generated over $100 million in revenue.

Having a roadmap that matches up with every aspect of a client’s life is important to FinanciBull. At every turn, they ensure you have financial options, whether you’re young, single, or in school.

Christian Whitehead advises aspiring entrepreneurs to put more emphasis on opportunity than money. Finding something you are passionate about, staying disciplined, and getting better are the keys to his success. “The only way you will fail is if you give up before you get there. Put God First, Family Second, Business Third.” According to Christian, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be consistent, possess servant leadership, be disciplined, and work hard.

The inspiration for Christian’s success comes from his younger brother, who has Down Syndrome. As Christian watches him work so hard to accomplish tasks that many would consider “normal,” he is reminded how blessed he is. Follow Christian Whitehead on Instagram here and check out the official FinanciBull website here.

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