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Exclusive Interview with Actress Lauren Harris

1. How long have you been acting ?

I’ve been acting since I was 5!  

2. What movies have you been in ? 

How to Hack Birth Control, It’s A Girl Thing, Defining Dodo, among many others!  

3. How did you get into acting ?

I played Strega Nona (split between 3 other kindergartners) in my school play, and I learned all the other characters’ lines and was feeding them to them from backstage. My teachers advised my parents to get me acting lessons,  and I’ve been hooked ever since!

4. How did you meet Director Cortez Mooney ?

 Through the audition process of A Way Out 2! 

5. Since A WAY OUT is a brand and a series of movies ! Which  A WAY OUT are You in & what character ? 

2 and 4 and I play Isabella!  

6. What made you decide to want to work with director Cortez Mooney ?

He’s tenacious, persistent, and driven to his art. Cortez works extremely hard and is motivated to start his own career rather than wait for someone to kickstart it for him.  

7. how did you get the call to join A WAY OUT ? and how did you feel when you got the call ? 

I had about 3 rounds of callbacks, requiring many different variations of scenes. After that, Cortez let me know I received the role. I was ecstatic! Such a fun project to be part of and a wonderful cast to work with.

8. How was your experience working with Director Cortez Mooney? Did you learning anything about the business ? or working close with him ? 

He knows what he wants and he works hard to make sure that his vision is realized. I learned the value in the pursuit of what you care about and the persistence needed to lead a team to make it happen.  

    9. What was your favorite moment if you have one of working or set or the project? 

Probably getting to bond with my cast members, Emily Pokora, and Bita Paige. I love when a project allows you to meet like minded collaborators, and I love meeting other female filmmakers who inspire me!  

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