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Dive into Artistic Freedom at City Swipes Fluid Art Studio

Discover City Swipes, a haven of creativity just two PATH train stops from the World Trade Center in downtown Jersey City. This unique studio, founded by Carri Louise Degenhardt—a former Wall Street professional turned passionate art advocate—welcomes everyone to explore the liberating world of fluid art.

City Swipes centers around fluid art, a fascinating process where acrylic paints are poured onto canvases, creating vibrant, intricate patterns.

This art form beautifully balances control and spontaneity, combining scientific principles with imaginative expression. No prior experience is required; City Swipes is open to anyone eager to tap into their creative potential.

“Fluid art is about embracing imperfection and celebrating the unexpected beauty that emerges,” says Carri. “At City Swipes, our mission is to provide a space where people can experience the joy of creation and connect with their inner artist.”

The studio offers a variety of fluid art experiences designed to ignite creativity. Casual drop-in sessions provide a relaxed introduction to fluid art, perfect for those wanting to try something new without a long-term commitment.

For those looking to dive deeper, a comprehensive 7-week course explores the science and techniques behind this mesmerizing art form. Additionally, City Swipes hosts pop-up workshops, taking the art experience to picturesque locations like the shores of Cape May, New Jersey.

Participants often find their time at City Swipes to be transformative. One attendee shared that they arrived feeling stressed and overwhelmed but left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. The act of creating art, coupled with the support of a positive community, proved to be profoundly therapeutic.

City Swipes fosters a vibrant, collaborative environment. Workshops and classes encourage participants to interact and connect over their shared passion for fluid art.

This sense of community extends online through City Swipes’  YouTube channel, where Carri shares tips, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes insights into the fluid art process.

In addition to its regular offerings, City Swipes has launched “Swipes Wanderlust,” a new initiative that takes the fluid art experience on the road.

This summer, participants can enjoy pop-up workshops, a sunset open-air art event, and a limited-enrollment retreat in Cape May. These events offer unique opportunities for serious creatives to deepen their practice in inspiring new settings.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, City Swipes invites you to discover the transformative power of fluid art. Explore your creativity, connect with a vibrant community, and unleash your inner artist in a world of swirling colors and endless possibilities.

For more information and to book your session, visit City Swipes. Embark on a journey of creative discovery and let the vibrant chaos of fluid art inspire you.

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