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Dan Price, The Famous Celebrity Tattoo Artist

Dan Price

Dan Price, a native of Clearwater, Florida, continues to dominate the tattoo industry. Dan is a traveling tattoo artist who specializes in black and gray tattoos. Dan prioritizes solidifying his clients’ visions throughout every collaboration, unlike some artists who focus on profits. “I like to connect with my clients on a deeper level than dollar signs and small talk. Some of the most important friendships and advice in my life have come from sitting with individuals for hours, sharing more than surface-level thoughts on life, business, etc., and seeing how much we all have in common at the end of the day.”

As a child, Dan spent his free time making hip-hop beats and drawing. Even though he spent a lot of time doing it, it wasn’t what he was focused on. Due to a hard drive crash, he lost all of his music. As a result of this misfortune, he began to take his art more seriously. After losing his hard drive, he realized he had another gift to take advantage of. While attending college, he began an apprenticeship at a local shop. In addition to learning illustration skills and techniques, he also learned a trade he could combine in order to propel himself forward. As soon as he began his apprenticeship, he fell in love with tattooing.

He has worked with celebrities and athletes such as Future, Justin Bieber, Xzibit, Ronny J, John Geiger, Don Benjamin, James Connor, and more. The tattoo artist stays humble despite the fact that he has more clients than most tattoo artists. He doesn’t like to be anything more than a normal guy like anyone else. In order to keep striving to be the best at what he does, he has high expectations and is extremely hard on himself.

According to Price, to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to push through all the No’s and Goodlucks. “It takes flying out on a few hour’s notice and missing money and family at home to sacrifice for your brand. It takes shutting up and listening over speaking out and knowing it all. Most importantly, it takes someone who is okay with failure, okay with long-term goal seeking, and sharp with being responsible when making a “next move” so as not to lose it all.” Make sure to follow Dan Price on Instagram here.

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