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CENTR Claims 2023 NEXTY Finalist Spot: Celebrating Natural Product Excellence!

Vancouver, British Columbia – CENTR Brands Corp. (CSE: CNTR) (FSE: 303) (OTCQB: CNTRF) (“CENTR” or the “Company“), a pioneering force in the functional wellness beverage industry, has been honored as a finalist for the esteemed 2023 NEXTY Awards at Natural Products Expo East. This recognition not only underscores CENTR’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to consumers but also highlights its unwavering dedication to redefining mental wellness through innovative and integrity-driven products.

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CENTR Enhanced – NEXTY Awards Finalist

Elevating Mental Wellness

At the forefront of CENTR’s recognition as a NEXTY Awards finalist is its groundbreaking creation, CENTR Enhanced+ Caffeine. This remarkable beverage represents a fusion of science and flavor, offering a citrus-forward, ZERO-calorie, sparkling water infused with 60mg of natural caffeine. By harnessing the power of carefully selected ingredients, including Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Citicoline, Panax Notoginseng, Astragalus Membranaceus, and Sceletium Tortuosum, CENTR Enhanced+ Caffeine provides a sustained and balanced mental energy boost.

Championing Wellness

CENTR’s dedication to the well-being of individuals is evident in its commitment to crafting products that promote holistic health. With a portfolio of functional wellness beverages, CENTR empowers customers to prioritize their physical and mental wellness in today’s fast-paced world. CENTR Enhanced+ Caffeine stands as a testament to the brand’s core values of innovation, excellence, and wellness enhancement.

The NEXTY Awards celebrate brands that embody innovation, inspiration, and integrity within the natural products industry. Over 400 products were nominated for the 2023 Expo East NEXTY Awards, and CENTR’s recognition as a finalist underscores the brand’s commitment to excellence and advancement in the field.

The winners of the NEXTY Awards will be unveiled on the trade show floor of Natural Products Expo East on Thursday, September 21. CENTR eagerly anticipates the announcement of the winners and is proud to stand among other exceptional brands that share its dedication to excellence and innovation.

About CENTR Brands Corp.

CENTR Brands Corp. is one of North America’s leading functional wellness beverage companies dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. With a commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences, CENTR offers a range of functional wellness beverages that support individuals in their pursuit of balanced and healthy lifestyles. By leveraging innovative technology and embracing consumer-centric strategies, CENTR empowers customers to prioritize their well-being and discover the benefits of wellness beverages.

The Company produces CENTR and CENTR Sugar Free, both sparkling, low calorie CBD beverages; CENTR Instant, a family of on-the-go, adaptogen-based CBD powders; and CENTR Enhanced, a refreshing, ZERO calorie, non-CBD, nootropic and adaptogen sparkling water incorporating a variety of science-backed ingredients.

The Company’s ethos revolves around functional efficacy, exceptional flavor, and visual design that resonate with consumers seeking a well-rounded approach to wellness.

For more information on CENTR Brands visit or contact us at Be sure to follow us on social media @findyourcentr. Consumers that do not yet have a local CENTR Brands retailer can visit our online store at: The CENTR Brands app is now available for download on either the App store or Google Play store.

On behalf of the Board,


/s/ Arjan Chima
Arjan Chima, Chief Executive Officer

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