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Beauty, Brains and Heart, Laude Vision, Women in Tech Team led by Morongwa Mothiba use IT to combat unemployment and drive entrepreneurship

Today we’d like to introduce you to Morongwa Mothiba.

It’s an honor to highlight your success on our platform. Do you mind telling us about the things you’ve been able to accomplish?

As a young and upwardly mobile digital solutions firm, we have managed to create impactful technology solutions for our clients while simultaneously impacting society. We are developing young people who have been retrenched due to Covid and other related economic blow backs, as well as graduates who have been struggling to get job placement. We are re-skilling them as entrepreneurs to be self employable and drivers of economic growth. This work has made us a United Nations Generation Equality commitment maker and allowed us to participate in the joint initiative by the South African Department of International Relations and Coporation (DIRCO) and United Nations Women Action Coalition for Economic Justice and Innovation for gender equality.

Tell us about some of the memories you’ve made on your journey!

The growth path of a change maker is never easy but it is beautiful. One of the more recent memories was having our participant’s review our upskilling programme and the reviews were just beautiful and eye watering. One lady, who felt imprisoned by unemployment, felt that our programme brought her courage and dignity to face a once bleak future. That is what we are all about, bringing hope and knowledge to transform lives and create economic opportunity. One of our team members Ladi from Bizzworks an exceptionally gifted aesthetic visual story teller, started off as our client. She has shown such tremendous growth and shown the potential that capacitation of others can be bring. She is a Laude Vision success story and we look forward to seeing more from her and the team. We have also witnessed Mamose and Vanessa our IT talent just blooming in the social entrepreneur space. This is proof positive that tech can have a heart of gold.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

We work hand in hand with the client to develop a tech strategy best suited for the organizational needs and goals. We have been blessed with the opportunity to assist clients who want to establish presence in Africa in general to be able to do so. We have developed digital membership portals for education and agribusiness to mitigate offline disruptions due to strikes, bad weather conditions and various restrictions. Our passionate E-Health specialist has assisted patient member record-keeping, e-health consultations and various interventions that bridge the disruptions to normal patient care. Our agility in the field makes us a key partner for a global firm that is looking for an exciting collaboration team in Africa. Our golden touch is that we provide a service with a social conscience. We have launched a workshop that will be helping skilled professionals that have lost their livelihood as a result of Covid and other retrenchments to enable them to make a living as self-employed people who can fully participate in the economy. We integrate our SMME network into our service solution to give them access to opportunities to develop and gain market entry. We are continuously on the look-out for new opportunities for growth because in the words of Charlotte Maxeke we have come to know that it means that as we rise we can take others with us.

Finally, how can people connect with you and learn more about what you do?

Please reach out to us on Linkedin as well as Facebook at Laude Vision. Please follow us at Laude_Vision on Instagram give us feedback on our content. Please send all business enquiries and partnership enquiries to We look forward to working with you to bring tech solutions to your organization.

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