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Amazon Automation Is Being Changed by Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught

VP Ecom is founded and led by Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught. A passive income Amazon store can be built by VP Ecom for a fee upfront. Clients of VP Ecom have full access to the experience and knowledge that the VP Ecom team provides to make a successful Amazon business for themselves quickly and efficiently. With VP Ecom, everyday people can turn their lives around by investing in themselves and their future through a safe and income-producing investment vehicle. VP Ecom’s objective is to run a profitable business for the company and its clients over the long run. With their business model, VP Ecom is on track to become the #1 Amazon automation operator in the United States, and they make sure their clients are taken care of.

To ensure accurate, meaningful results for their clients, they offer a one-time investment and a simple profit-sharing model. With no monthly fees or yearly renewal fees, they are the only Amazon automation service that provides a 100% money-back guarantee. Because they do not make money unless their clients do, their Amazon stores are extremely profitable. Client success has been 100% for them, as they put their client’s best interests first. Despite receiving hundreds of applications every day, they are only able to accept a handful of clients due to the rapid growth and success of their automation business.

The largest success of VP Ecom is its huge clientele list of people who trust the company and the partnership. To surpass their client’s expectations, they have invested multiple six figures in books, courses, events, coaching, and mentorships. Taking advantage of online retail sales, they have built a multi-seven-figure Ecom automation company that helps people all over the United States earn passive income online. A single investment in their business has enabled most of their clients to earn $5,000+ monthly passive income. A major factor that makes VP Ecom successful is being able to assist everyday-working class people in increasing their income in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Even though VP Ecom has enjoyed success, they have also faced challenges. Infrastructure growth and changes to their terms and service policies have been their obstacles. In order to maintain high expectations and performance, Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught, the founders of VP Ecom, make it their mission to get up daily and resolve all issues with their client’s accounts. Over the course of their 10-year career, Porter and Vaught have launched multiple businesses outside of VP Ecom. As business owners and people, they have always strived to improve and grow. Their career experiences have helped them avoid the same mistakes for their clients and companies. Their mantra is “Failures and problems are only opportunities to grow.”

The company plans to expand its clientele list to more than 1,000 clients within five years. Through passive investments in Forex and Real Estate, they plan to go beyond Amazon automation and offer more passive income opportunities. They have a goal to have a 100-million-dollar Forex fund and a 100-million-dollar commercial real estate fund. They want to have their clients retire from their passive income opportunities.

People who have run 8-10 figure businesses worldwide are the inspiration behind Porter and Vaught’s decision to build VP Ecom, a company that serves thousands of people and helps them become their best selves. Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught’s official Instagram accounts can be found here (Mark) and here (Daniel), and their official websites can be found here.

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